plas|ter1 [ˈpla:stə US ˈplæstər] n
[Date: 900-1000; : Latin; Origin: emplastrum, from Greek, from emplassein 'to plaster on', from plassein; PLASTIC2]
1.) [U]
a substance used to cover walls and ceilings with a smooth, even surface. It consists of ↑lime, water, and sand.
2.) [U]plaster of Paris
Band-Aid, ↑bandage, ↑plaster, ↑scissors
3.) [U and C] BrE
a piece of thin material that is stuck on to the skin to cover a small wound
American Equivalent: bandaid
4.) in plaster
BrE if you have a leg or arm in plaster, you have a ↑plaster cast around it because a bone is broken and needs to be kept in place while it mends
plaster 2
plaster2 v [T]
1.) [usually passive]
to put a wet, usually sticky substance all over a surface so that it is thickly covered
plaster sth with sth
Her face was plastered with make-up.
2.) [usually passive]
to completely cover a surface with something, especially large pieces of paper, pictures etc
plaster sth with sth
The windows were plastered with notices.
The news of the wedding was plastered all over the papers (=was the main story in the newspapers) .
3.) to put wet plaster on a wall or ceiling
4.) [usually passive]
to make your hair lie flat or stick to your head
plaster sth to sth
His hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat.
plaster sth down/back
The rain had plastered her hair down.
plaster over [plaster sth<=>over] phr v
to cover a hole or an old surface by spreading plaster over it
The original brickwork has been plastered over.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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